Wednesday, 20 May 2009


So the big yellow diggers are not selling,
And the company is having to lay off staff,
As customers can’t secure any credit,
Because their banks have stopped it,
Due to the shortfall of returns,
Brought on by the slashing of interest rates,
By a government desperate to stimulate borrowing,
In an increasingly squeezed market place,
Where nothing is moving freely,
Since the easy grease was removed
To shore up the gears of industry,
But not those belonging to earth working devices.

So eventually the financial tides will turn,
And the company’s staff will be unavailable,
As they’ll have been enlisted elsewhere,
Because their families needs were urgent,
Due to a lack of nutrition,
Brought on by shelves swept of essentials,
By stronger breadwinners wives lacking dough,
In a progressively stretched mixing bowl,
Where everyone’s getting on with it,
Since they initiated their own liquidity
To enable enterprises to flow,
But unfortunately not those of shakers and movers.

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