Thursday, 21 May 2009

SATURDAY 16th MAY 2009.

If she comes through the door there’ll be trouble,
As we’re all set to boil and to bubble:
There’s a scatter of toys on the floorboards
And the disc in the player is hardcore.

There are parts of our clothing with teeth marks
That have fallen where they were last ripped at,
And an undisclosed number of scratches
Designating the hitter and catcher.

There’s a tube that’s been squeezed of it substance,
That we’ve used for its power to husband
The friction that sticks to our hurrying
And makes it a chore to go scurrying.

So to counter the threat of disturbance
We’ve gathered the rest of the furniture
And blocked up the door and its entering
To allow us to focus on censored things.

And if by the afternoon nothing’s heard
Then could be the daughter has been disturbed
By some fool whilst she was attempting to
Discover the things that old lovers do.

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