Thursday, 21 May 2009

TUESDAY 28th APRIL 2009.

How did the strands get mixed anyway…
Did they feed infected fowl to pigs
Then sleep with them…
Were conditions so unsanitary
As to make contagion fateful…
Were samples fused in search of
Cures and lost by occidental specialists,
Or intentionally released to realize
A security clampdown based upon a bio-terror threat…
And once in place and settled
Will the sneeze beaters chase you
From the streets and police seize
You from your sick beds to be dragged along
To isolation wards; there to be left and overlooked like
The skeletal remains of that forgotten prisoner
Model we had as kids,
And will we all be wandering round in
Face masks looking like pop stars from the past
And forgetting to ask whether there is
A legitimate reason to do so,
Or will the difference between drift
And shift confuse us.

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