Wednesday, 20 May 2009

FRIDAY 6th MARCH 2009.

The ceiling dripped liquid distilled from
The forms huddled over a loaded table top; pawing at
The dominos arranged there and
The smoking pit in
The middle, and balancing back and forth on
The metal legs of used school chairs. Everything had
The colour of whisky or nicotine stained skin as
The game ended and began without want.
The pieces were boxed, and money was eventually won, whilst in
The burnt light a pack of cards was split and
The respective number dealt before
The game disappeared under another lung struck mist.
The time changed but
The people remained unaware of
The world beyond
The chained emergency exit until
The old allotment rooster coughed and
The landlord sent them shuffling across
The linoleum floor and out
The front porch for home.

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