Thursday, 21 May 2009


I’d been asleep,
And woke up to a disturbance
In the street, where upon a look I
Saw cousins and uncles arrested for
Breach of the peace when it seemed the
Same had already been broached on
Account of some foreigner brandishing
A kitchen knife at a kid.

After being screamed at
By a bald little hobby bobby looking
Mother fucker, and the coppers going all
G20 on the locals, the Bill will no doubt have
Their hands full for a while as this has been
Brewing for some time now and they’re
Going to have to stand guard all
Night in the streets;

The same ones we were
Told so vocally to vacate for the
Sake of our liberty, and where Les
Just happens to live, and there will be
Some fun this summer if it’s sunny, and
We live that long to see it, as swine flu
Is spreading, though the breed round here
Seem to be fevered already.

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