Thursday, 21 May 2009

SUNDAY 10th MAY 2009.

This is the first considered thing that has happened
To me since the worst event sealed my resistance,
So where does this leave me?
Swinging from extremes to accommodate an emotion
Or indifferent to ordinary days and the painted
Grins of their inhabitants.

Were I but partly a smart man or a member of a fool’s
Group I might be able to reconcile the difference,
But being of average skin
I feel the equivalent pull of sun and moon, and settle for
The fettles that they offer, until fouled by the physics
Of birth and death’s visits,

Who in their rush to educate me must surely have delayed
The pace of their appearance in order to admit the issues
Of condition, and allow the
Frowns of time’s vacation to rebound in the light of
Tired simplicity whilst charging me with strength
Enough for benchmarks.

So if this be told then maybe all the spoils of war
Wrought tolerance have been bothered on
Me to measure mine against
The grains of sameness that fall from the faces of
The faithful whenever they contend with the
Different ends of life.

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