Wednesday, 20 May 2009


The nursery is green with a white ceiling sky
And jelly bean creatures appear on the border.
On one wall Rousseau’s monkeys peek out,
On another soft toys gaze down from cloth pockets.

There are palm tree islands in opposite corners
Whose beaches are adorned with more fauna;
Whilst a chest of drawers beneath a cloakroom
Shelf supports a further gang of vivid animals.

A hanging basket of big nosed muts at one end
Falls beside a safari lodge window and sill
Where on a lazy Siberian tiger smiles wryly,
And the light’s retirement strikes a perfect balance.

An American invention sits on the floor and
Spills a tune or two, or a heartbeat’s warmth, while
Projecting slowly spinning images of starry skies
And ocean depths and florid forest glades.

Mobiles and sticky backed pictures compliment
The overall look of this introductory jungle,
And there on the carpet, after rash feet fell in
Wet paint, dog footprints complete the scene.

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