Thursday, 21 May 2009


God’s never ending texture caught me unawares
And stretched the leftovers of my imagination beyond
Their worn bonds; making most vivid all the givens I’ve
Been blessed with and providing more; edging all
My borders with relief, embossing corners barley
Briefed to greet them and seamlessly
Leaking grains right through to reach further
Than they ever dared before. Over the far fetched
Boundary I found myself, dovecoted by the
Missing bits of sentience I’ve searched for all
My life; coloured in the fullest band and standing
Without need of ledge or legs or feet to heed me
Forward as support is forth, and forth is all I ever
Dreamed it would be. Calls from another me, a summer’s
Seam, enriched with simile’s best speech and screaming
Ceaselessly; birth’s first touch, stood’s first steps
Crept forward into the wonder of a world that should
Have been and will surely come to pass after this ball enjoys
Its benefits too much to stop itself collapsing under one slave’s gravity.

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