Wednesday, 20 May 2009


They’re going to make more money
To flood the system with,
Even if they run out of printing ink,
And its accomplices,
But that won’t to stop them, as
They quantitatively ease,
As they’ll complete their new liquidity
With pastels, chalk or cheese.

And what will become of new runs,
Once flushed into the old,
Will they energize investment or
Disappear down piss holes;
Because that’s where current finance
Appears to have flowed,
And the future whereabouts of it
Will no doubt stay unknown.

Billions will be swapped for Government
Gilts and corporate bonds
On behalf of parties still thinking
Invincible thoughts,
But if this current stimulus does not
Do what it ought to
Then there will be nothing left to
Help bail out the water.

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