Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Just occasionally,
So very rarely,
I remember an emotion,
A moment I had;
A ghost to hold onto
Of a person who was
And will never be again,
Who slips through my fingers
Whilst I attempt them:
I apply pressure to the tension
In the centre of my palm, on the
Basis of remembrance, and am left
Defenceless before emptying my hand.

The petitioning
Of a wish has
Not transfigured its list
Into solids, and
It took the time of
An average two hundred
Metre walk to perform the
Task. And now when I stand the
Altitude fails me to my seat,
And weakens the feet that have
Been my saviours, but it’s how we
Deal with it that counts, as some will
Fall while others won’t even strive to height.

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