Friday, 22 May 2009

FRIDAY 22nd MAY 2009.

A week long posting push,
And everything I’ve squirreled away
This year has been exhumed and used,
And though my time at the front, at the coal face,
Has been well spent, it’s hardly leant itself to income.

But that’s good to go, as
I’d rather be learning to sew words
Together than cracking black rocks in the
Ground or shuffling invoices between the greedy
And needless thoroughfares we go round in deference.

I’ve slaked the tax man’s
Thirst enough to earn myself a
Worthy space at the first available trough
Without his stink in it, and begin to fill it with
My lifetimes single minded low and high delights.

My sentence is supported
By what inheritance accorded me
And mine its time, and it’s been managed
Well enough to support us and find enough stuff
To keep the little one amused even if he eats and shits

All day and doesn’t quite
Have the legs to use it yet. Colonel
Giraffe is looking after him as he sleeps, and
All comfort’s keeps and armies would do no better
By his cerulean eyes than my bold labours have enabled.

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  1. Breathtaking. You are like a lullaby to my thoughts.