Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Right, so the newest Polish food
Outlet in the high street was reported
In the paper for turning away English
Speaking customers. Now either the
People running this show are slow or
They simply don’t know where they are.
This is not some rural Lincolnshire hamlet,
Overrun with émigrés, this is Goole son,
And these fools will be lucky to have a store
Standing by the end of the week, let alone
A single window pane in one piece.
Some people simply don’t understand
That when you mix six thousand migrants
With twenty thousand down trodden indigenous
Yorkshire folk, and try to impose anything upon
Them, you’re asking for trouble, bound to get it
And twice as likely as not the locals will be
Accused of being racist, and is there any
Fucking wonder when they’ve been
Shitten on for years by every
Incontinent expert.

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