Thursday, 21 May 2009

TUESDAY 5th MAY 2009.

I tried,
But I guess trying implies
It wasn’t working in the first place.
So I walked
Away again without a
Fight, as I’ve always been able to do,
And won’t
Repute my decision till
An hour or two after I’ve woken up.
It’s only in
Retrospect that battles
Seem worthy of further campaign,
And only
Then once I’ve managed
To remain able and sane for a while.
Is a wondrous invention,
Allowing all manner of revisions;
All sides of
Engagements to be
Studied, and conclusions muddled,
And regret
Dished up until you’re
In its debt and ready to indemnify.
So I try a
Step back, only to stand
In the hole pitted land you had left,
And realize,
Amid the conflict’s yield,
That I already paid in full up front.

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