Thursday, 21 May 2009

MONDAY 4th MAY 2009.

Spoilt to the point of fracture,
Where even the slightest contraction of voice
Or harsh choice of words
Would crack her.

And told no she exhibits
Resistance, and explicitly so, closing down any
Vocal roads she usually
Motors along;

Sitting still before
Flickering slowly until heating her features with
Uncontrollable moan
Fired flushes

And then standing
In staggers, and banging her way to the toilet
To vomit a response as
Loudly as possible;

Where eventually her
Mother pursues to soothe away any emotion
That may have escaped,
And placate her pain;

Condemning dad
For his audacity and imagining his refusal away
Before allowing whatever
Request had fetched it.

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