Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I want paradise,
The whole reprise;
The headland of a happy ending.
Birdsong of the dawn in my sails all day
And the slit red sky of delight every sunset.

The fortune of every cookie;
The fullest English breakfast twice
Accompanied by pudding and a cigarette.
The buxom and the fucker who is slender
And ritual monogamy unfolding between both.

The finest single malt,
Multiplied and doubled;
Its first beak spilled drink
Trickling along the buttress of my tongue
Whilst lodging an appeal against the siege that sears me.

The cramp of orgasm
Fastened to anatomy and
Never settling for a lesser context;
That sweetest of mists that lingers on a freshly
Wettened cunt and cannot ever be mistaken for anything else,

And all the knowledge
That I never held dear enough
When love told me it was so; when loathing
Scolded me for weakness and pitched me forward
In order to avoid being completely broken, when I wanted to be busted.

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