Thursday, 21 May 2009


There’s a crack of a noise off centre
That must be a TV tube drying,
Or the juice in the wires retiring,
Or the floorboards and wall mortar lying unevenly,

But it’s increasingly raising the tension
As it could be an old neighbour dying,
Or a burglar at the lock prying,
Or a government acolyte spying deceivingly,

And it follows wherever I venture,
So it may be a creature replying
To another one overhead flying,
Or a third in the bushes that’s eying to season me.

It’s even been heard in the trenches
Of other folks homes underlying
The facts that my friends are requiring
Me to stay out of their firing line’s reasoning.

So now to avoid its attention
I wear phones in my ears amplifying
A music stream that is supplying
A constant diversion that’s trying its breeze on me.

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