Thursday, 21 May 2009


That fucking coward Brown has had to make concessions in order to
Avoid a potential defeat when the Ghurkha’s issue is voted upon
This afternoon: a revue, and no deportations whilst doing so; what a
Spineless moron this man is; not only has he invariably made the wrong
Choices during his brief tenure (not going for an election in Nov 2007,
Scrapping the 10p tax band etc) but he's also backtracked quicker than a
Tyre fitter who's fixed the wrong ring - what the hell we’ve done as a
Nation to deserve this fool I’ll never know - surely some subterranean
European nation's misdemeanours are greater than ours to have
Warranted his twisted, slack jawed face; but no, we got him, on the back
Of Blair bailing, and without contest. Oh my Lord I despair; everybody
Needs to get out there and vote next time around because if they don't
Then the same old shameful suffrage will afford a similar result.

(Apparently they were defeated on the motion, so there are some good
Folk left, only the 4th time since 1997 and with the expenses vote due
Tomorrow. Time for a vote of no confidence perhaps, or will they use
Swine flu to distract us from their disasters....)

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