Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Work went first,
Then transport, residence,
Spouse and friendships.
The sights and sounds,
Tastes, smells and pliables
Of my life were collected
Together and separately
Sold to accommodate lodging
In a one roomed home.
I lay on a cot in a corner
Beneath the sun running in
Through one long window
And withdrew all sense from
The ends of myself whilst
Searing extremities. Fingers
And toes, hands, feet, arms
And legs left and my torso
Slowed, and within brain
Basements my wandering spirit
Carved a crawlspace towards
The cave where my seed lived
In candle light. Decisions
Were left sender less until
The final light was blown and
All conclusions tolled, and
What was known of me
Fell freely sanctioned.

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