Wednesday, 20 May 2009


She allowed us to be greedy;
To be aspirational and without status;
To achieve without needing agreement
And reach for endeavours denied us so long by
The self titled mighty of the land,
Who had gambled granteds on our behalves
For centuries. And we little people appreciated
The opportunities offered and took
Them upon our squared shoulders and
Surpassed expectations. Neighbours and
Strangers were treated equally as their heads
Were stone stepped onto and bet back, and once
Peaks had been reached we surveyed our lot
From tower tops higher than others and
Considered us accomplished. And after
A relatively short while we forged a new
England to replace the outdated,
And forgot ourselves well.


  1. The insanity of consumerism. The worship of things. The triumph of form over substance. The endless competition for diminishing returns. This pyramid of people with a jackass at the apex, always a jackass. A boot to the teeth. Yes, not a pleasant situation. McKenna has some books out there I'd like to read. He was a psychedelic child...Waaay out there

  2. Had a thing for the end of the world in late 2012 as well..