Wednesday, 20 May 2009

SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2009.

The true eternal vault of life and death
Concluded shifts into the space bereft
Of colour for its followers to kneel
In honour of the stimulant’s appeal.

The blue forbade the children of the storm
From ruining its new communion,
And laureates performed their given tasks
Responding to the questions people asked:

“Will hither be the promised land of old,
Or wither once its virtues are controlled;
Can language handle what it is we see
Or will it strand itself upon the breeze”.

And in response unpainted words were used
To console the unsure and bemused:
Great love and life and duty avalanched
Whilst up above the beautiful advanced;

Sweeping any awkwardness before it,
Keeping friends and enemies accorded,
And honestly informing the remains
Of those who wished for things to stay the same.

The latitude of heaven came to hell,
The attitudes of all between them fell,
And in the ev’ning saturation stayed
To leaven out the fates of the afraid.

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