Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Brick by shrinking brick
We build our little kingdoms,
Smaller than before, but we
Still rule within them: the
Plumb lined and the planed,
The spirit levelled heavens
Generated by our gains whose
Residents never stray
Even as their landscape
Lessens and tightens its belt.

A little kid in the corner is
Picking the fluff off a liquorice
Sweet and humming away
To himself whilst being
Ignored by his parents; a
Never before seen breed
Of dog does the same to
Its balls as the freedom bell
Tolls for all to hear but no one
Takes up its just cause as their own.

The landing lights are
On all night; I know, I stay
Awake to watch them.
Children sleeping safe
Across the street whilst
Monsters skirt the alleyways
And ply their trade far from
The spaces under beds, and
We leave ourselves a mess
To clean up once we have retired.

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