Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Took the daughter to Donny this
Morning in order to outfit her
For a London trip next weekend,
But, although she insists she
Loves the ubiquitous cheap
Shops, she only came away
With a single pair of jeans and the
Realization that she’s a bigger
Size than she thought she was,
Or maybe their cut of cloth is
Not as generous to compensate
For the savings. And the next
Time she asks if I’ll take her
I’ll tell her to go bug her Aunty
And leave me in peace, as her
Kind of uncertainty I don’t need
And can no longer be bothered
With, and the only thing that
Stinks worse than her dodgy
Choice is the Council of this
South Yorkshire town,
Or I guess that could be the
Brackish attraction of its
Crumbling fish market.

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