Thursday, 21 May 2009

TUESDAY 14th APRIL 2009.

The field frowns
As dandelion clowns gather
In their spring troupes and
Daisies graze their way across it
While nettles and doc leaves
Compete to greet a bare foot’s fall,
And feet are aplenty this season.
Dogs drop their dirty litter along
The verges, if accompanied, amongst
The green sheaths if not, and man tramples
Through the brambles whilst he can.
Hawthorn and Elderberry swell
As new green leaves reclaim economic
Analogies for themselves, appealing for
Attention amidst the blossom’s glitter.
Between the banks the river handles
Beautifully, biding its tides, as longshoremen
Thank it for employment in these shallow times,
And shiver when the wind reminds them of it.
The sun settles scores as bets are drawn on its
Endurance to offset debts from the previous years’
Floods, and in the distance, from the council hubs,
Recently aroused, and incalcitrant vans, gear up once more
To carry their payload of mowers to get the better of every little
Blade of grass regardless of whether they’ve seen the warning signs.


  1. LOve the 1st line & the new green leaves that reclaim economic analogies for themselves, appealing for attention amidst the blossom's glitter. & still a solid style without hesitaion. Even when you indulge abstract, almost pagan symbolism, your words remain strong & immune to the seductive celestial blast of helium. You keep those boots on the ground. I'm impressed by the solidity of your words. Like Harry, Max & Sam, strong masculine words. The inclusion of lines in the poem work very well. Just a taste & we come in for the meal. Keep going

  2. The inclusion of lines from the poem when you post them...It draws us in. Keep that up, a lil simple sample of your unique take on things