Thursday, 21 May 2009

TUESDAY 21st APRIL 2009.

I sat upon the climate’s brim and watched the turmoil turn within
Where headlessly the people hurled themselves against their ageless world
Whose sudden changes panicked them into believing nigh were ends,
While poultry chuckled in it sheds, trim shoulders still supporting heads;

They’d seen the changes down the years and learned to use them to appear
As if they hadn’t got a clue instead of knowing what to do,
But man, in damaging his tree, had dug its roots incessantly,
And filled the holes with stolen soil until the barren Earth recoiled;

Who’d viewed its surface engineer a rarely rivaled biosphere,
And evolution sputter on towards dominion.
But just when all seemed set to last mankind’s new pious die was cast
That spat out flesh perpetually and fed upon old loyalties,

Then looked around for more, once dined, and found a flat horizon line,
So sitting on their spoils of war declared more grandly than before;
Engaging gravely in the act of fortifying their impact
And leveling the lesser tribes until the strongest ones survived.

And now we face the final drape, upon the world of our landscape,
Who’s finally called credit in, and started shedding current skin;
So when the eco lobby leaps or anti smoking coppers creep
Remember nothing will out stay us except eternal Gaia.

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