Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Stripped another hypocrite from my
Back catalogue, and feel better for it,
As now my sky is cloud hung
Only when I choose to order one.

And the cuckoos who roosted in my
Days have given way to nights with
Those I used to know as time
Has lost its strung puppets to slumber.

As like the few in Amsterdam who
Ran frantically from building to
Building, Benny Hill like,
And I had to watch and whine,

Or on my wedding night when I
Criticized someone’s pharmacist and
They took it to heart and froze
Any conversation on the road home,

Or when they came to visit after their
Wife left, and we sat at the kitchen
Table ordering whisky and bacon
Debating the breakup, and I had to laugh.

Don’t suffer fools who doubt your motives
With new sensitivities; especially when
You’ve supported their view through it all and
They’ve hardly been a sounding board for yours.

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