Thursday, 21 May 2009

FRIDAY 17th APRIL 2009.

Induce me do,
And stir me from this stupor
That suits me but is ruining my routine.

Shift me please,
Dig me in the belly where I
Fell from lack of food and have some room.

Squeeze me quickly,
Else I kiss more slowly than
I did when I was prone in need of your love.

Wet my whistle,
So I’ll blow more regularly
And remind my workers of their shirking.

Will me forward,
So the more exhorted my
Labour is the less I’ll be reminded of yours.

Push me harder,
But not into the pavement
Where my backbone longs to shave a space.

Pick me up
And place me to one side
Allowing you to take my turn again,

And once you’ve
Stood my stint send me out to
Gather up more baby goods to keep us going.

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