Thursday, 21 May 2009


So the local rag has gone down the ‘Hate Crime’ route
As police brutality obviously doesn’t suit
The local Labour council’s view of events
Regardless of eye-witness comments.

We were there as others were shovelled and shoved,
And you simply cannot refute this stuff,
Regardless of what is officially reported
Or brushed under the privy’s inordinate carpets,

As with little whispers in journalist’s ears
The wishes of peasants upon the frontier
Are overlooked in favour of protecting
The image of political correction.

S0 facts have been fictioned to fit the headlines,
In spite of the number of folks at the time,
And all you will read is what has been written
About the awful indigenous people of Britain.

So be careful what you now type or then text
As the message you send may arrive auto checked
And the thoughts in your head will then be availed
Of their hidden agendas, and land you in jail.

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