Thursday, 21 May 2009


Been rushing around like a blue arsed fly,
Like a honey bee seeking a hive;
A man on a mission
Trusting intuition,
A bride running late,
The early bird’s skate,
With sweat’s wettest lustre,
All tongue tied and flustered,
A pace from a trot,
Essentials forgot:
Like decent nutrition
Or an item’s addition,
Or a fresh set of clothes
On a body un-hosed,
With a lazy shave’s fuzz
And adrenaline’s buzz.
And I’m stoked up on coke
Belching cigarette smoke,
And my thoughts are a jumble,
And knees set to crumble,
And I’m urgent to hold him
But am certain he’s coping
Cause his mum’s there to view him
And nurses are cooing,
And the midwives were faultless
And ward care exalted
And my new boy is polished
And fear abolished
And my wife a delight
And daughter enlightened
And I’m a new dad
A little ahead of time.

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