Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I met myself the other
Day going near the door and
Said how come we don’t go out
Anymore, and realised it’s because
There’s no need to, as the booze
And the eating arrangements have
Been exchanged, and cigarette
Fumes from my controllable
Smoking, which had always been
A token exercise in drink containment,
Have subsequently been cleaned up
Also, and although the year isn’t
That old at the moment I’ve been
Free of these dropped props for the
Extent of it and am hoping it doesn’t
Drag like the fag end of last year
Did and my weight doesn’t sum
Up the loss of whatever social
Situations I’m missing, though as
My misanthropy was becoming
Increasingly clearer to all I met
I’m sure I’ll be able to
Handle my dry exile
With a certain thrift.

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