Wednesday, 20 May 2009


How about more memories, and while
You’re at it what about a bit of fizz amidst all
That flatulence passed. Yesterday was a
Riotous place for us adults who skulked there as
Kids, and didn’t have to pretend we did, where we
Kept knocking our elbows and wincing a little as it
Sizzled down our arms; when was the last time you
Did that? When was the last time you let what's
Left of your hair down and wiggled a bit
Instead of being sat on your ever spreading
Arse discussing it with a bunch of strangers.

Get a reunion going with your classmates,
Have a big giggle at the fact that all the fat lads
Are trim and the skinny ones full; how the
Ugly ducklings are all swans and the vain, too
Old for their age sluts, have all dried up trying,
Ironically, to look younger. And the hirsute are all
Coots and the spotty youths all smooth and
Gorgeous. It was my past too, and I don’t need
You, a jumped up summer hotelier sarcastically
Asking me to recall it in tight black type
And to stop tagging threads with inanities.

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