Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I got a POD back from a driver
That was not cleanly signed
Upon arrival;

It said they wouldn’t offload the stuff bent;
Trouble is the jockey had taken it onto
His rig without checking it.

I spoke to the bloke on the fork lift who
Said it was twisted when he lifted it,
And so noted;

Checked the tally when tipped from the ship
And it said the same,

As did the Master’s remarks on the manifest.

Went back to the loaders over the water
And again it was dented when took off
The truck from the factory

Who had duly advised it would be wiser to
Acknowledge it thus as their own men
Had bust it whilst coiling.

So insurance claims were made, and we stood the bill as a
Favour to the mill, as we need them to keep feeding
Us steel, but by the time a substitute was
Extruded and sent the UK receivers
Refused it as they weren’t
Making cars any more.

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