Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Learn to read;
Then you shouldn’t be needing a
Linguist to listen to or family member who has evidently
Got something better to do.

Learn to hear;
Then there’ll be no more fearing
The crowd who sound certain or monkeys who stumble
Over words you’ve interpreted.

Learn to write;
Then you wouldn’t be confined
To what you give voice to and will be able to convey your
Message with anointment.

Learn to drive;
Then you don’t have to rely on those
Who are loathe to give assistance or public transport
Which limits your jaunts.

Learn to cook;
Then you won’t be the mug who gets
What they’re given and has to live with it or shortens their
Life on take away orders.

Learn to love;
Then you’ll find you’re above all the
Wretched below you who squabble for notice or act so
Devoted when tidying your home.

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