Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Apparently the leader’s on the road
Trying to generate job opportunities...
But what if there are none to be made.
What if the shit we crave has already
Been purchased and we need no more
Services or there are no raw materials
Available for assembly lines. Nobody
Left with the requisite skills to build
Anything to be bought or exported. No
Fleet vehicles around to cart artefacts
Anyway as most hauliers have already
Gone to the wall or are on four day weeks
Or half time. Maybe folk will save what
Alms they have for themselves to hold
Onto and spend their pennies down the
Pound shops or try to squirrel a few bob
Away or get by on the little interest their
Rainy day savings can catch from the
Bank Manager’s umbrella. Possibly no
One has got any nest eggs left or they
Never found a way round to accruing
Wealth as there was always more lather
To be gathered. Could be their debts have
Been called in by their creditors or their
Mortgage is spreading their wealth or
Their cars are coughing or kids’ mouths
Dropping or their boss is now tossing a coin
To see if he needs them come Monday.
Or the Job Centre’s closed for a fortnight
As it’s Christmas just gone and there’s
Simply no work to be done anymore
And no hourly demand for manpower.

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