Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I’m not a face saver,
And certainly the one on planet
Earth doesn’t need me to be either;
There are enough Chicken Littles
Running around spitting wisdoms and plant salvaging.

And what with Yellowstone wobbling
And Gaza grief doubling and financial
Meltdown steadily bubbling away
On the back burner there are
Enough woe’s to go round without green ones.

And let us be honest
With the forest in the face of our
Debts: there are far more things to
Ponder than whether the place will
Be able to sustain our greed now we’ve failed to ourselves;

The babblers at the U.N.
Building alone must have to buy half
Of Guyana’s annual carbon credits
Just to offset their existence
And continue their conjecture as to the need for them.

No I ’m going sit back and
Watch as the world somersaults
And wait for my turn to be flung to
The furthest alcoves where the universe
Fills up its wardrobes with dark matter clothes made of souls.

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