Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I went down a back alley path as
The snow had failed to hold there
And the surface was firm, unlike the
Lazy pavement melting underfoot in the
High street and slippery to boot and shoe.
All the gritters have been sold, we’ve been told,

Due to global warmth, and a lack
Of grit is evident in folks as well as
Roads, as everything slides by whilst
Salted chips accompany fried fish. And
Pity the poor forecasters, who not only have
To battle accuracy in their trade, but these days

Are shoved out into blizzards to
Convey just how bad it is. Still it’s
Warm in here and here I’ll stay, since
I’ve managed to traverse the worst winter
Conditions in two decades with a further week’s
Supply of food and fuel, to sit and watch the impact

Upon interest rates, with calls for
More to fall, and shake my head in
Disbelief at the state we’re in. And with
No answers forthcoming I guess the gang in
Charge will keep up the tempo of their drumming
Until run out next summer in time for other flutterings.


  1. Pithy political and social commentary. I love the in-your-face metaphors in this work.

  2. Ian you are too cool!

    love it