Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Our intellect was supposed to protect
Us from our instincts, but, although bolder
In scope, the brain’s aim has always lost out
To the accuracy of anatomy’s power.

Where we have thought ourselves above
The heads of other herds our bodies have
Invariably dragged us down amongst
The hooves and proved us unlearned;

Whenever cased in our altruism the
Base has always risen to reflect our self
Satisfied sacrifice back at us and shown
Us what lowly plaudits we’ve bought;

However cleverer than the next beast
We’ve thought us we have consistently
Woven stupidity into the framework
Of confirming such circumstances.

Our beliefs have been our weaknesses,
And deferential nods to paganism’s
Chieftains have stripped their spectral
Messages of any integral worth,

And in their names have we wrought the
Worst of ourselves across the world’s
Surface in support of eternal life and
Damned our fellow animals to death.

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