Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Nobody should be talking about changing the sport’s format;
Simply where to get the sponsorship from.
Get the bookies in to back it;
Everybody’s betting anyway so why not,
Because since smoking money was outlawed
The game has baulked whilst others have flown
As they’ve had a man with a plan.
And don’t deride the players who ask
Where their wages will come from in a year;
Engage them, encourage them; they’re
The product after all and are quite aware
That their chosen profession can’t continue to fund
Itself as it’s governing body’s war chest is not bottomless.
So when darts throws a new tournament into the mix each year,
And has six million quid up for grabs, look at why
That is, and you might find the answer if you’re
Able to search under the table top you’ve
Been resting upon since the glory days of the eighties.

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