Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Liberalism has shirked responsibility for the autonomies
It has engineered, and now that the shackles of the state
Have been cracked by the debaters of enslavement, and
Buried in the basement of antiquity, the unrestrained
Have overwhelmed the bleeding freedom seekers: confusing
Their curriculums by refusing to behave accordingly. As
The columns of authority have rotted from being got at
From below, and the ceilings they supported bowed and
Crumbled, their dust has settled at street level where it
Has stayed to swathe the new unruly. Once there was a
Unified doctrine to abide by and be proud of, regardless of
Achievement or perceived class consciousness, and now there
Are sixty million personal opinions to account for, and without
Guidance from family or school or church or state the loose
Multitudes are doing what they wish and getting away
With it as nothing is curtailing it. Erudition, and its mouth
Piece, articulation, have been lost along the way from
Whatever makeshift cradles people spill from these days
To the streets, and you can tell by the age and number of
Children wandering around them that my generation led
The charge into dysfunction that has left them drunken and
Dumb. Alas time passing may have improved our standards,
And we’ve marvelled at the advances, but common sense and
Wit seem to have been sacrificed upon technology's altar.
So when we ask why, and cry for solutions, and gather
Round the usual to supply them, we should look at each
Other in the room and question whether our good intentions
Are thus or just a way of absolving our own little unloved
Childhoods where we crept at the edge of the pack.

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  1. This piece is like Whitman on speed. Enthralling.