Wednesday, 20 May 2009


He asked me what I was going to do,
Now that my situation had set,
And then proceeded to reel off a list
Of things that I’d done in the hope that
Somewhere amongst it would be a clue
To ungluing me. But I said hey, those are the
Bits that have been seen, and likely as
Not forgotten, and I need a little more
Contemplation. Though this morning when
I finally got up on eternity’s birthday I
Noticed that every bottle’s drop had
Gone the same way, and I had a similar
Recollection of them as well. Not even any
Balsamic vinegar left; now that must
Have been some conversation. And later
In the afternoon the wife is saying
I said this and that, and criticized her family,
When all I’ve been trying to do there is
Understand the options. Just because I don’t
Trolley along as she does, even when not
Pregnant, doesn’t mean life is any easier.
But as I’m the keeper of her dirty little
Secrets, and she the vault of mine, then we’ll
Have to do for each other. I’d rather stay
Amongst the ruins I woke up in and nestle
Better, but what I have to do, probably the
Only vocation left, is to question everything
Before me and answer for all that’s behind.

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