Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I’m going to join the Dad’s club and scrag it from the inside;
It looks to be full of pensioners anyway, though it does say it’s
Open to grandparents and anyone else, caring for kids, who
Is male and able, so maybe it is full of the remnants of men
From the town whose main use has ground to a halt
And would welcome a bit of support.

Old revolutionaries and socialists and trade union stalwarts
Never die they just infect the next generation with their
Vitriol, and if I can help their cause with a little anarchy,
Whilst learning how to plant seeds in the skulls of our
Little ones, then my job is done and we can all grow
Old knowing the future will be safe.

But my scheme presupposes the disinterest of the women
Folk, and as the mid-wife we’ve just seen is as pregnant as
My lady then that may just scupper any attempt at
Insurrection launched and I’ll have to go back to
The drawing board in order to reorganize the
Revival of the multitudes of residual men.

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