Wednesday, 20 May 2009


We’re all going to need protection
When the shit storm hits, and I don’t
Mean throwing names against sticks and stones,
But sudden thunder from a blunderbuss
And lightning from a rod. It might seem
Out of keeping, and quite irresponsible, to
Want a gun when knives are flashing gaily
Every day, but our doom is out there, just
Beyond the horizon, and it’s creeping slowly closer.

Hard cash cannot buy much security
These days, and money will not suffice
Against the mob once prices drop and food is too
Expensive to produce, or incentives to do
So unavailable, whilst painting pollen onto
Plants and trees when bees have gone may
Work in China where labour is abundant and
Cheaply wielded, but the prolls in the west,
Who assume they’re the best, won’t be happy with that.

Only well greased weapons and the ability
To get them for defence of the family will
Separate you from the unarmed and enable more
Than a blank look when up close to a loaded
One. The living oblivious die easily so allow
Them their comfort whilst doing so, as you go
About your business of watching the shrivelling
Sky for signs of a tightening fist, and stand
Ready to wrap your own around a bone handled barrel.

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