Wednesday, 20 May 2009


It would appear that any whiff of racism is treated
Worse than murder by the media these days,
And the perpetrators hounded to insolvency.
Does nobody refer to ‘sticks and stones’
Anymore; no one realize that theological
Debate should not immediately initiate
A more literal form of rock throwing,
Or folks hurling shoes at international
Buildings are only going to leave themselves
Barefoot. Still at least it isn’t freezing
Anymore and cobblers will be able
To keep the wolf at bay a bit longer.
So Prince Harry said this or Aunt Sally said
That, and you can’t condone either, but
There’s got to be something else to consider
When the economy is going down quicker
Than a posh girl’s knickers at a Palace, and
Interest rates have been lowered to the
Extent that pensioners living off their life
Savings are not able to get by and have
To sell their Silver to stop themselves
Being killed off, or wrap up tightly in
The same tabloid rags that denounce them.
On the second weekend of the year it
Seems we’re only too willing to call for
Freedoms elsewhere whilst our own are
Being eroded by a gang of Tony’s cronies
Who didn’t have the good sense to go
When he did, and although he’s probably
Been laughing his bollocks off, because
He got out just in time, the job opportunity
He took has a nasty outlook to it at the moment.

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