Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Their intentions are simple and clear:
They’re going to continue with proceedings
Until they’ve completely erased those heathens.

They’ll kill men, women and children,
And when all possible versions of persons
Have been murdered will start on the animals.

Insects will be burned, vermin caught
And every form of cat will be fed to breathless
Hounds, whose own pups will be drowned in the Med.

Livestock of all kinds will be culled,
And backyard flocks of fowl that are free of
Flu will still be slaughtered to ensure they stay that way.

Buildings and out-houses and corralled
Parcels of land will be cleared of all previous
Symbols and signs and pencilled in for resettlement,

Whilst remaining undamaged arable
Ground will be ploughed and re-planted with
Seed stock more worthy of those about to service it.

Selected un-holy places of worship,
Frequented by the previous peoples, will
Be left standing as reminders of damned adherence.

And eventually the place will be made
Worthy for their race to occupy, as old deities
Had originally intended it to be, and decreed as peaceful.

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