Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So the superstores have begun
Their annual crusade to give away enough beer
To ensure we can’t recall which country we populate,
Or how poorly we’re doing within it.
2 crates for 16 quid, or 3 for 20,
Well why not then,
Thank you sir,
And please return for more.
No doubt we will,
And even with a perfunctory taxi ride
To return it safely
It’s worth every penny,
And even though it will only
Last a day or two,
There’ll be further trips to secure more.
And what’s that I here you say,
Why do it if I don’t approve?
Well because I’m as mindful as you of the fact that if
I don’t get in there, and get my share, then some
Other greedy bastard will.


  1. Damn, I am getting thirsty. Got a black cap I wear so I don't have to part, comb & glue my thin hair to my head. It says Captain Jack's spiced rum. Mad memories behind ol' Captain Jack

  2. Ooops, says Captain Morgan! That Billy Joel song brainwashed me!