Sunday, 13 December 2009


You want equality?
You want to feel what we feel?
Well who gives you that?
We do.
You’re not strong enough to fight for it;
To take it for yourselves.
You’re not the Papa polar bear who eats his own cubs,
I am.
So don’t fucking pretend that you understand
Our chosen roles.
Come to me with sense,
If you wish,
And ask what it’s like
To strive after your heart’s desire
Only to be told its passion has burned at the coal face;
It’s legacy has left you;
It’s labour has been disabled,
And I’ll tell you.
But you won’t will you?
You peck from the edges;
Snide from the sides
Until you’ve emasculated all that was ever man.
Embittered him to things that were his.
Slipped doubt into certainty.
Turned him around until he’s faint.
So I hope you’re happy when doors
Are left closed before you,
And you don’t get paid enough,
And all the politeness that was in his heart
Has been rudely exhumed,
And we are all left less of us.

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