Monday, 28 December 2009


I wake up early so
I can take her in my arms anew once slipped from me in sleep;
How bittersweet
For her to return from
Dreams alone,

From where the
Best of our ambitions whistle for a steed to speed us on ahead,
And we shed tears
More slowly as the day’s
Holding grows.

And with all of
My resources I transmit to space an invitation to remove its
Distance from us,
And entertain our
Aims forever.

For here I wait
And there she works to while away the days until we meet,
And set in motion
All the traded words
Of our love:

Promises made
To honour any statements of intent we ventured weeks ago,
Carved in the
Stone of ocean beds
And met forever.

Memories of what
Was, thoughts of what is and the hopes for what will be all
Collide as they
Vie for my attention
Late at night.