Tuesday, 29 December 2009


When we are together,
Yet parted by the world’s curvature,
We burn time
With all the urgency of gasoline;
All the purpose of
The unseen wishing to be looked at.

Wrecking seconds
As they tick beneath our heart beats,
Stripping minutes of
Their measure with our intimacy
And crowding hours
Until devoured in the wake of our words.

Bending all the laws
Of science and the clauses of religion
As we pitch our voices
Lower and glow ruddier with every breath,
Arriving at our lives’
Design together as we defeat years.

And somewhere in an
Ancient office a clerk is clock watching
As his day drags its heels,
For we have grabbed his share of time
As well to sacrifice upon
The altar of our hypnotic correspondence.

And once allocated durations
Have leaked out of their evening sheaths
We meet again by morning
Light where time resets itself for our use
And we love with
All the newness of a freshly made universe.