Saturday, 12 December 2009


I’ve one mouth and two feet and
There’s still room enough in it for a third
If you should care to lend me one.

Whatever I say is scraped from my face as
Dogshit these days even when intended to be helpful.

Upsetting you is becoming easier
It would appear, and that’s due to either my
Inconsiderate tongue or your discreet ears.

And the more I try to smooth your worried
Mind the more wretched creases my mouth creates;

The higher I pitch my words the further
Away they are, and loftiness is costly when
Misheard from the depths you dwell in.

And there has been no word from you for
These past few days and I fear for my child’s safety.

But I will not allow your moods to engage
Mine anymore; too long a time has been
Spent this year senselessly leant on you.

So the next time you choose to evaluate
Me I suggest you consider that unopened letter first,

And in doing so realize the reason you are
Alone, and apparently depressed, is that you
Pushed me sufficiently far enough away to stay.

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