Wednesday, 23 December 2009


So more snow has come and blown
The country over again,
As the roads are impassible,
And pavements impossible,
And salt at a premium and
It seems only yesterday
When everything ground to a halt
When in fact it was February,
And nothing has been learnt since.

And I’m waiting for a van man to
Collect and deliver the same items
I landed at the wife’s house in January,
And stuffed in a loft space,
And the year appears to be
Ending the same way it began;
All it needs now is a night on the
Phone with a bottle and a bone
To pick with everyone I love.

I missed you yesterday,
And I didn’t wish to, and I guess that’s
Why I buried myself in a loveless
Marriage, and have carried the
Truth of it heavily all year.
The end of the Earth’s not far enough,
The universe’s turn doesn’t put me off,
I would sanction heaven’s end for you
As we enter Two Ten together.

1 comment:

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