Wednesday, 2 December 2009


So it’s all out now then,
And headlong to the end.
Downhill until carved in
Stone at the foot of the year,
Near the new rock of the next;
Building to a conclusion
That will fuse with a structure
To hold it intact and eternal.

And I will decline to change the
Facts of it once burned into the
Backs of actors to recite in their sleep;
These are my not so secret thoughts,
Forced through the keyboards sieve,
And living for the best part of the year
In a vacuum, and come the finishing
Line they’ll bloom in oration’s use.

Everybody has got to have an opinion,
Just as long as it’s mine, as I’ve been told
Over time and come to believe, and now,
Nearing the 21st Century’s second decade,
Most of the people I hate are me anyway,
Disguised as someone else; my viciousness has
Been an inch from surfacing all year, bitterness
Begging me for freedom, until now, and this late hour.


  1. The people we despise- yes- they are all inside ourselves (Why I loathe sexy women hehe)

  2. Damn, an iron hammer, solid & certain. Not the slightest sense of hesitation. Bitterness is something I have yet to see in your words. Might make for some good cathartic fun though. As they said in the 60s, let it all hang out. Thanks